Courage to make Decisions

Entrepreneur, among many other things, needs lot of courage to make decisions. And that is one characteristic of an entrepreneur that will be challenged a lot and put to test most often. What do you need the most to make those decisions? Intelligence or Courage? While a combination of the two in right measure is undoubtedly a great asset to have, but that is not always true on a case-to-case basis.

An entrepreneur needs to make decisions on a daily basis. Should you work with this partner or not? Should you hire this person or not? Should you say no or yes to a particular investor? Should you change your business plan, because everyone you meet feels you should do? In situations like these, you have to take your own call. It is your own gut feeling. You have to make your own decision & move forward. You are not sure how these seemingly harmless decisions can turn out to be a major turning point for your business. As an entrepreneur, you should make those decisions & you should have the courage to make those decisions.

Marc Andreessen, of Andreessen Horowitz, says – “Courage without Genius, may not take you where you may want to go. But Genius without Courage will most certainly not take you anywhere”. Marc’s partner Ben Horowitz, also the author of “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” says, one of the most important attributes they look for in an entrepreneur is courage.

What do you think? What has been your own experience as an Entrepreneur?



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