As an Entrepreneur, motivation is one source of inspiration you need in abundance, sometimes even more than money.

A typical day would look like – you have a call with one of your potential investors who has decided not to invest in your company, and next a meeting with another investor who has decided to move to the next round of discussion with you, your technical team just communicated to you that there is a major bug in the product, a small payment from your customer lands in your bank, your auditor calls you to remind you that your Tax payments have to be paid in the next 3 days’ time…and the list can go on. All this happening in a span of 10-12 hours in a day.

Not all your days are as exciting as the one mentioned above, there will be one odd dull days to handle as well. If there was some way to measure your motivation when all this was happening, I am sure you will see major fluctuations. The effort is to keep that motivation constant & high always. Easier said than done. But that is what is expected from you as an entrepreneur.

The previous day you spent almost the entire day with your technical team which had to fix a major bug in the product, they have spent the whole day till late night to fix the bug. And they could not. Your product launch is getting delayed because all these issues. Delay means more money spent on the same set of things all over again. And funds are never enough. You are already bootstrapping. You are frustrated with the delays & at the very thought of spending more money on things which should have been fixed long ago. First of all, YOU & the team should have checked on all these much before & avoid delays. You are fighting all these battles in your head.

The team meets again the next day morning to fix the bug. You meet the team in the morning and what do you tell them??

You have to stay cool, logical & be motivated in spite of the impending product launch looming large.

Being SUPREMELY MOTIVATED is the only way to go forward.


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