The Elephant Syndrome

There are many things one need to focus in Business as an Entrepreneur… But two critical things that standout…

Ignoring the Elephant in the room: We sometimes tend to ignore some major problems in Business. Perhaps we are not ready to address those complex issues. It is simply going to take too much of time to address these complex issues, taking us away from other smaller issues, which also need our attention. Advantage of resolving smaller issues are, because they are easier to solve, we can move faster and it gives us a sense of achievement & progress, However, we can’t ignore the big problem for too long. It is like Ignoring an Elephant in the Room. Just picture this in your mind, there is an elephant in the room & how can you ignore it? And for how long can you ignore it? The big problem needs your attention. As an entrepreneur you need to focus on this problem & get it resolved. You need to have that tenacity.


Pimple on the Elephant’s Ass: On the other hand, we sometimes devote a lot of time on things that may mean very little to business. We spend far too much time on resolving a problem which may not impact any major aspect of business. In the overall scheme of things, it may not mean much. One of my boss always used to say that it is like trying to cure a “a Pimple on Elephant’s Ass”. An obvious reference to the importance attached to an insignificant problem.

Sitting Elephant

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